Apr 02 2017

Self Leadership Program

  • Victoria Island

Thumbs up started in January 2017 as “Self-leadership program”. It was a (once-in-a-week) program that lasted four weeks in Victoria Island Junior secondary school, Victoria Island Lagos state, Nigeria. During the program, the youth were taught the importance of self-leadership as the foundation of effective people leadership. The program culminated in February 2017 with a party and a drama where the children acted a drama written by Gloria Adaba about how a young man found and led himself to be a better person than he was brought up to be. Highlights of the event included:

  • Everyone of us is unique and there is no one like you.
  • For anyone to find and lead themselves, they need to know who they are.
  • The “self” is formed within the first 3 years of life; from our primary care-givers and environment.
  • We all have different personalities that make us unique and affect how we react to things.
  • We can all decide the course of our lives by choice.

The drama acted by the children included life lessons on all the above points; which was to create and indelible memory in their minds.