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Once Upon a Life – Conclusion

“Who’s there?” Called her father; he had heard movements in the kitchen and wanted to call the children. “Ni ce baba” (Translated “I am the one, dad”) Aisha responded. “Kira mana Kabiru” (Translated “Call Kabiru for us”) her father instructed “I want both of you here, right now.” he concluded. “Ok baba”, Aisha replied. [...]

Once Upon a Life – Part 4

Aisha woke up on the hospital bed about an hour later. Titi was beside her crying bitterly. “Aisha, Felicia is gone! She is no more and it is all my fault.” Aisha’s denial stage had been interrupted when she fainted after the doctor spilled news about Felicia’s demise, so she still couldn’t believe what [...]

Once upon a life – Part 3

Aisha got on the first available bike to the general hospital; which was a 15-minute ride from the venue of the life coaching event. On her way, so many thoughts raced through her mind. “I hope Felicia is not hurt, bad. “Oh Ya Allah Ka kiyaye” (translated “O Lord, do prevent any ill fate.”) [...]

Once Upon a Life – Part 2

Then like a flood of waters, tears started streaming down their mother’s eyes. This broke her children’s hearts and they started to cry with her. “Mummy, speak to us, we love you.” With a shaky voice she said “Daddy isn’t coming home ever again.” Immediately she said this, she bursted out wailing. Before her [...]