Who We Are

ThumbsUp Initiative

Who We Are

Thumbs up is a youth leadership development initiative focused on creating self-awareness, building a healthy self-esteem, finding purpose and helping the young teen and adult have a better outlook on their uniqueness and who they are as individuals.

No two individuals have the same fingerprint and our opposable thumbs form part of the fingerprints; which emphasize our uniqueness. In Thumbs Up, when we lift our thumb we are saying “I am unique, and I will work on showcasing my uniqueness to the world.”

The purpose for us working on this is for us to be able to attain the highest level of leadership; self-leadership. It is when we are effective self-leaders that we can truly lead others well.

The Thumbs up initiative offers youth a self-development platform. At Thumbs Up, we are dedicated to developing the whole person. Our website and social media platforms have leadership and personal development tools that can help you recognize and appreciate your uniqueness, become a competent leader and develop your potential.

We are interested in reaching out and developing the most important person in the world and that is THE PERSON YOU SEE WHEN YOU LOOK IN THE MIRROR; YOU!!

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