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Several lessons have been drawn from the “magic” of the opposable thumb as well as the distinctiveness every fingerprint provides to each human being. Of all these lessons, our quirkiness stands out. We all are oddballs of some sort and therefore, owe it to ourselves to showcase our uniqueness to the world we live in.

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The Thumbs up initiative offers youth a self-development platform. At Thumbs Up, we are dedicated to developing the whole person.We are interested in reaching out and developing the most important person in the world and that is THE PERSON YOU SEE WHEN YOU LOOK IN THE MIRROR; YOU!!

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For more information and enquiry on ThumbsUp Initiative or any of our programs or projects, feel free to contact or send us a message to make enquiries, supports, partnerships etc. We will be looking forward to hearing from you

Our Vision

“Building a nation of great leaders”

Our Mission

Empowering youth via workshops, training, entertainment, information and engagement in community development by: Building youth’s confidence through self development seminars. Inspiring youth to have a positive self-image and values. Improving youth consciousness for voluntary community services.

Our Value - THUMBSUP

T - Thankful

H - Honest

U - Unique

M - Mettle

B - Bold

S - Self Aware

U - Unassuming

P - Poised

Mrs. Gloria Adaba

Mrs. Gloria AdabaFounder - ThumbsUp Initiative


ThumbsUp Initiative Events

Our Events

Suicide Awareness Walk

Suicide Awareness Walk , Walk from Ogba To Alausa to create awareness about suicide

Suicide The Bane of Generation

Caleb International Second School

CALEB INTERNATIONAL SECONDARY SCHOOL Thumbs up has facilitated three (3) events at Caleb International school, Ikosi Ketu, Lagos state Junior Secondary school: (Be yourself) Senior secondary school: Your USP (Unique Selling Point) Donation of Leadership Library shelf to the Junior Secondary school Library The above programs were all based on self-discovery and development for the […]